Spica Parent's Name:

Scott & Kendra

Spica Baby's Name:


Spica Baby's Age When He or She Was First Casted:


Weeks In The Cast:


Favorite Spica Journey Memory:

When Brodie learned how to crawl and get around. We realized he wasn't going to let this cast stop him .

Biggest Lesson Learned:

That kids are resilient and this cast isn't the worst thing in the world, though it's going to seem like it at first. You will soon realize how to do everything with your child in this cast .

What Do You Wish You Knew:

I wish they had told us more info about what to expect. I feel like they showed me how to change his diaper and then said you’re all set lol. Having this cast is a lot of work on the parents for sure.

Favorite Gear or Must Have Item:

Bean bag chairs , radio fleet wagon , jogger stroller , tray lap table , play dough , bubbles , coloring books , tablet

Final Thoughts or Advice:

I would say remember this isn't permanent. In the beginning I had no idea how we would make it through 7 weeks when we first took Brodie home. After a few sleepless nights it got easier each day. Brodie started adjusting; I think he handled this cast better than me. My advice, buy anything that is going to help you before your child has surgery. Bean bag chair, wagon, new stroller, tons of diapers (we went through so many!), lap table, activities that keep them busy like coloring books, play dough etc. By 6 weeks Brodie started crawling and his cast started coming apart a little. Luckily we are at the end of his journey! We are officially 1 week left! Never been so excited in my life!

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