Spica Parent's Name:

Sarah & Jake

Spica Baby's Name:


Spica Baby's Age When He or She Was First Casted:

9 months

Weeks In The Cast:


Favorite Spica Journey Memory:

The day after the cast went on she was crawling around, like nothing had happened.  After awhile she learned to stand in the cast too.

Biggest Lesson Learned:

Perspective.  This is treatable and she won’t remember any of it. 
The night before Sydney’s cast went on I was on the children’s hospital website to find out where parking was and in the list of departments I saw ‘oncology’ and ‘palliative care’.  That was the lightbulb moment for me.

What Do You Wish You Knew:

That there’s is an adjustment period when the cast comes off.  Sydney was stiff and sore for close to a month after and didn’t enjoy her time out of the brace every day.  That lessened every day and within a month she was comfortable.

Favorite Gear or Must Have Item:

Leg warmers or sleepers 1-2 sizes bigger than normal to go over the cast. 

A modified bumbo with a TV tray worked well for us for meal times and even to put her toys on for playing. 

Diono Rainer car seat. We still use it now.

Final Thoughts or Advice:

It’s tougher for the parents than the kids.   

You will enjoy and appreciate when your child reaches the ‘normal’ milestones after the cast, like standing or walking, even more than you could have predicted.