Spica Parent's Name:


Spica Baby's Name:


Spica Baby's Age When He or She Was First Casted:

6 months

Weeks In The Cast:


Favorite Spica Journey Memory:

Max just wasn't fazed by it. His personality shone through. He loved messy play times and going to any group as normal.

Biggest Lesson Learned:

Trust your gut instinct. If you think something isn't right with the cast, don't be afraid to get checked. We did and found out there was bare plaster rubbing his skin and the cast had split up the middle.

What Do You Wish You Knew:

I wish I had known more about DDH. Support groups are brilliant.

Favorite Gear or Must Have Item:

Cushions were our favorite so I could pad him out so he could sit upright.

Final Thoughts or Advice:

Your baby will amaze you and you are stronger than you think. You deal with a day at a time and deal with people who are negative and stare.