Spica Parent's Name:

Laura and Mitch

Spica Baby's Name:


Spica Baby's Age When He or She Was First Casted:

22 months

Weeks In The Cast:


Favorite Spica Journey Memory:

Seeing her smile and play while in her cast. It made me realize that this journey isn't so bad after all. She was happy and that's all that mattered.

Biggest Lesson Learned:

Life will be hard, But it's the hard times that benefit our family the most. A bad day doesn't define a bad life. ❤️ Take each day as a new one.

What Do You Wish You Knew:

I wish I knew how well she would adapt to the cast. Having known this would helped minimize the anxiety around spica cast life.

Favorite Gear or Must Have Item:

My favorite would have to be a spica table and a beanbag. The table allowed for her to have independence when eating and playing without constantly relying on me. The beanbag for different positions and relaxing was great.

Final Thoughts or Advice:

Take each day as it comes. Don't fret the stares from people and the comments. Use this as a time to advocate for your baby and inform people about hip dysphasia. I'm not saying it will be an easy journey but it is what you make it. ❤️❤️❤️