Spica Parent's Name:

Crystal Sweeney

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Spica Baby's Name:


Spica Baby's Age When He or She Was First Casted:

6.5 months

Weeks In The Cast:


Favorite Spica Journey Memory:

Having a clean cast at the cast change!

Biggest Lesson Learned:

That this is an essential part of the journey to help get healthy hips for children.

What Do You Wish You Knew:

That it would be easier than I thought at the time. I stressed more than I should've.

Favorite Gear or Must Have Item:

Cloth diapers to put on the outside rather than a bigger sized diaper. Duct tape to add to the cast. Pads for over night to place inside the diaper to help catch leaks.

Final Thoughts or Advice:

It goes by quicker than anticipated. Lainee was 6.5 months (4.5 months adjusted) and she hadn't even rolled over before being casted. I thought I was going to miss out on her firsts, since my friends with babies the same age were doing so much more. But once the cast was off, she hit milestones pretty quickly. I was jealous that they could snuggle their babies and got to experience those times without restrictions. Then once the cast stage was done, I looked back and it wasn't that much of our time spent. And it helped her.