If you're here, you are probably a parent just beginning, or about to begin a spica journey with your baby. In addition to showing you how to do many spica life tasks and connecting you with other resources, we want to show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

I remember the feeling well. The thought of doing 12 weeks minimum (which turned into 18) seemed impossible! I had no clue how my baby would last that long, or how we as parents would last either! Wherever you are in your spica journey, we want you to know you are not alone. The goal of this blog is to remind you that tons of other parents just like you have completed their spica journey, or are enduring it right now, and every day is one closer to that cast coming off!

If you are a spica parent who has endured a spica journey, we invite you to share that experience. Your encouragement may be just what someone needs to finish off another spica week. Click the link below to submit your baby's story and your advice, tips, and memories. Your story will be featured in this Spica Veterans blog, as well as on our Instagram account.

We hope that you have found Spica Life to be a clear and helpful resource for your spica journey. We hope that this blog will help keep you going throughout your journey. You can do this! Best wishes!

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